Whether you’ve been a homeowner for a few decades or a few minutes, you’ve probably been warned about every homeowner’s nightmare - mold. Even if it isn’t the toxic black variety, mold can cause serious problems for your home and your health. Often, the key to controlling mold isn’t too difficult: it can be as easy as controlling your home’s moisture.

Moisture control is an essential aspect of residential care because it ensures that your home’s structural components remain free of mold, microbes, insects, and rot. For moisture prevention and control with a focus on natural, organic, and responsible service, look no further than Green Home Solutions of Pittsburgh.

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Green Home Solutions of Pittsburgh was founded on the principle that mold, odor, and moisture control solutions don’t have to be expensive, invasive, or made of harsh chemicals. In fact, all of our services are designed to be easy on your home, safe for your pets and family, and comfortable for you.

To get started with your moisture prevention and control, we’ll send one of our experienced professionals to your home. During your appointment, our moisture expert will:

  • Discuss your concerns with you
  • Perform a visual inspection of your home
  • Measure your indoor air quality
  • Make observations to determine the source and level of moisture

Based on these findings, we’ll provide a set of custom recommendations that may include ventilating, dehumidifying, or adding moisture barriers in order to control the source of existing moisture and prevent build-up in the future. Since moisture often goes hand in hand with mold, our moisture technicians are also trained in our innovative mold remediation techniques. If we do find mold, we’re equipped to eliminate it right away with our non-toxic, non-destructive, EPA-registered spray.

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Excessive moisture lowers your air quality and increases your risk of mold, mildew, and pests. To schedule a free Healthy Home Audit and start regaining moisture control in your home, call Green Home Solutions of Pittsburgh or submit our online form today!

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