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Nothing can put a halt on commercial and residential property negotiations quicker than finding mold within the building. Whether you are trying to help a client sell their home or managing a large commercial complex, ensuring that the environment is safe is the top priority.

At Green Home Solutions, our products are the greenest on the market and safe for use around children and pets – giving you the peace of mind you need when taking the next step in solving your mold problem! For expert mold removal services, businesses throughout Pittsburgh trust the experience of Green Home Solutions!

Natural and Effective Mold Solutions for Any Industry

When it comes to commercial industries for mold removal, Pittsburgh based Green Home Solutions can handle it all! From large commercial facilities to residential homes, our expert team of trained remediation specialists has the experience needed to ensure that your mold problem is effectively treated with minimal disruption to your busy life.

Green Home Solutions is proud to offer our premier services in areas including Pittsburgh, Bethel Park, Moon, Wexford, and Cranberry.  Throughout the region we serve the following industries:

  • Residential Real Estate Agents – Ease the minds of your clients by having our experienced team tackle mold and air quality issues within their family’s home.
  • Residential Home Inspectors – When breaking the news of mold in a residential property, be sure that you give homeowners the number for Green Home Solutions!
  • Commercial Brokers – Help your clients close the deal on their new commercial building by ensuring that mold is not an issue.
  • Commercial Real Estate Agents – Increase your earning potential on commercial properties by using Green Home Solutions to remediate any mold concerns!
  • Environmental Specialists – From professional testing to effective treatment, our premier business works with environmental specialists to ensure a seamless process.
  • Property Managers – Reduce tenant turnover by staying on top of any lingering mold problems with the experts at Green Home Solutions!
  • Building Hygienists  - From start to finish, our experienced team is an essential part of effective mold remediation.

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Indoor Air Quality Testing

Call to schedule one of our certified Mold & Indoor Air Quality Inspectors to test your home or building for mold-related conditions and allergens.