Pittsburgh Commercial Mold and Mildew Cleaning

Unsightly mold and mildew in your commercial building not only reduces the value of your property, it can also have a negative effect on the health and safety of your clients and employees. At the first sign of a problem, give Green Home Solutions a call to learn more about our innovative business mold and mildew removal solutions! With natural active ingredients and non-invasive treatment practices, our expert team can safely eliminate your mold and mildew at the source while minimizing downtime for your company!         

Professional Mold and Mildew Cleaning for your Commercial Property

Traditional mold and mildew treatments involve synthetic chemicals and can affect the integrity of your property. At Green Home Solutions of Pittsburgh, we believe in doing business differently, and our products are the greenest on the market while being perfectly safe for children and pets. To help get you started, we offer a comprehensive, free Commercial Audit where we will go over the various services we offer for commercial mold and mildew cleaning in Pittsburgh.

The experts at Green Home Solutions offer a variety of benefits with our commercial services, including:

  • Safe, natural products for any size commercial building
  • Affordable treatment options with minimal downtime
  • Highly-effective remediation of mold and mildew
  • EPA-approved business practices
  • Professionally trained, courteous crews
  • 120-day reapplication guarantee
  • Exceptional customer service

Pittsburgh Commercial Mold and Mildew Cleaning Company

Pittsburgh is a beautiful, thriving city, and we want to help you keep your building looking its best while improving air health and quality! Green Home Solutions serves all of the greater Pittsburgh area, including locations in Moon, Wexford, Bethel Park, and Cranberry.

If you’d like to speak with one of our experienced representatives and learn more about our commercial mold and mildew cleaning in Pittsburgh, there’s no better time than now to give us a call! You can also fill out our online form to easily request your free, no-obligation Healthy Building Audit.

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