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When mold is present in a commercial property, the damage caused can have a large impact on business owners and their bottom line. Professional environmental specialists play a significant role in the safe identification and remediation of these mold concerns. Through extensive testing and diagnostic procedures, the source of the mold can be identified, and an appropriate remediation plan can be put into place.

While testing of mold issues is a vital step in the process of eliminating the problem for good, you also need to have a qualified team of professionals to execute the remediation process! For environmental specialists in need of mold services within the Pittsburgh region, there is no better choice than the experts at Green Home Solutions. With natural active ingredients and guaranteed service, we have decades of experience in helping commercial property owners create a safe, healthy environment for their employees.

Pittsburgh Mold Solutions for Commercial Properties

Traditional mold remediation can be expensive, time consuming, and destructive to the integrity of the property. At Green Home Solutions, we believe in doing business differently, and our mold solutions for environmental specialists are designed to be both highly effective and cost-efficient.

When choosing Green Home Solutions of Pittsburgh, you can expect the following premier benefits:

  • Eco-friendly, natural products
  • Highly effective remediation of any type of mold
  • No-obligation property audit
  • EPA approved practices that eliminate mold at its source
  • Affordable and fast remediation services
  • 120-day reapplication guarantee

Quality Remediation Throughout the Pittsburgh Region

Green Home Solutions is proud to serve the Western Pennsylvania area, and we offer our mold solutions for environmental specialists in Moon, Wexford, Cranberry, Bethel Park and the entire surrounding region.

For environmental specialists in need of mold services that are less expensive and higher-quality than standard treatments, Green Home Solutions is the company to call. To find out more about the commercial services that we offer, contact us today or fill out our online form to set up an appointment for a Healthy Building Audit!

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